Monday, August 30, 2010

Hobbies for the Young at Heart

Many mornings and afternoons on my trek to and from work I am treated to the sight of a few older men flying their elaborate model airplanes by the Naval Academy Stadium. The numerous times that I have driven by all the wooden and metal flying devices alike are lined up as if at attention. Painted and crafted with care, they are proudly flown as the sun rises over Annapolis. I truly wish I had a picture to share, but I have never had enough chutzpah to jump out of the [moving] vehicle and snap a few frames.

This got me to thinking [naturally]... what kind of hobbies am I going to pick up when I become an older individual? And I am not talking thirties [which seems old to me now... but just wait a few years, Julia], I am speaking of the age where your spine can no longer exist in a straight line. The age where every smile that occurred in your lifetime can be seen on your face in artistic wrinkles. The age where "when I was a kid" can actually be used appropriately because things were so drastically different when you actually were a kid. The age where you can do whatever the heck you want because darn it! you've lived long enough to have that right.

So here, for your viewing pleasure [and mine], I have compiled a brief list of hobbies for the young at heart. [Disclaimer: these can't be normal hobbies because you have your chance to accomplish those now].

UnderWater Basket Weaving
because baskets are always better underwater

Extreme Ironing
why iron in your household when the fresh breeze makes clothes more enjoyable?

Join the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy
because honestly, important participation in groundbreaking research is essential even in the later years
 And a link for you and your friends:

i am not stretchy at all now, but maybe when i'm older. just be inspired

What hobbies do you think you will pick up when you are meandering along in years?  

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