Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taste of Childhood

I did it. I did what every person should do at least once in their lives. You know, just to say that they did.

I made Moon Pies.

Are you impressed? Or confused. Probably confused. 

Moon Pies are more of a southern thing. I know that I technically live in the south, but come on now, Maryland is really part of the central Pacific states. I think I may have just made up that term. 

Growing up I remember my mother loving moon pies. Whenever we could get a special treat at the store, she would pick one of those. Honestly, that habit was a bit curious seeing as she is from California.

I've been on pinterest for a while, and it has sucked a lot of time away from me. One thing it has done, however, is lend itself to giving me new recipe ideas. Moon Pies popped up on my adventuring one day, and I knew that I must make them.

I found the recipe at this lovely little blog. And the recipe proved to be delicious.

I did not in face document the entire moon making extravaganza, I just captured the end result. And badly. Meaning the pictures I took were mediocre.

It was a pretty involved process. But it was worth it to eat a moon pie with homemade graham crackers and marshmallow.

Since they are my mother's favorite treat, they were gone in a few days. I recommend them for school snacks, or a really special treat. But why can't that be one in the same?

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