Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrating the Ending of an Era

Better late than never, right?

I had a Harry Potter party for the midnight premier of the last movie. My sisters and I put together a lot of delicious food, and then no one showed up. Except for two people. A little sad, but the food was still great. And we were also still able to watch the first half of the last movie(s) so we could get all caught up.

We were a little too excited about the signs and such. 

My pastry-chef friend made cake pops to look like snitches. They were undeniably awesome and oh-so-tasty.

It was fun to sit in the theater beforehand and reminisce about all the emotions attached to my Harry Potter journey. As I have stated before, it was a bittersweet evening. The movie left quite a bit to be desired and didn't quite sate my Harry Potter appetite. The cake pops, however, did.

Whenever I want to feel magical again though [like a unicorn really], all I must do is make some wizard wands [chocolate covered pretzel sticks] and butter beer [a secret recipe, duh] and wave them around. Maybe not the butter beer. If I wave it around it would get everywhere. 

I have to re-think this.

Go eat some Bertie's Botts! My friends boyfriend was telling me today that he had a friend [sounds like I'm making this up... I heard from a seventh party...] that took all these different flavored Bertie's Botts and smushed them together thinking it would cancel out. It did not. And apparently the room smelled bad for days because of the vomit, booger and other flavors/scents. Ummm... gross.

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