Sunday, February 19, 2012

Co-Ed Baby Shower

My dear friends are having a baby. To celebrate the upcoming birth they threw a co-ed baby shower complete with booze and no gross games. That's my kind of party. Plus there were cute little hand crafted decorations everywhere.

The sister got to see some old co-workers. And by old co-workers I mean that they are up there in age. Like ancient.

Hopefully Flora doesn't beat me up now. I just called her old on the world wide web. I don't even have any protection from the mob OR mafia. I'm done for.

Actually, Flora is a lovely person. We talked about people stalking other people. It's really okay as long as the stalker doesn't want to kill you or anything. Otherwise it's just flattering.

Unfortunately I didn't get any great pictures of the parents to be when they were opening up gifts. They are awfully adorable though.

So excited to meet Baby Baker!

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