Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lack of Winter this Year

The amount of snow that Maryland, particularly Annapolis, received this year is pathetic and quite embarrassing. The few dustings we actually received caused a shock among the community as once again, we were reminded that we can't even drive in rain much less snow. It has become a really awkward reality for me since my cousin from central New York moved in. She just guffaws and such when she sees how Marylander's handle their precipitation.

You can still see the grass, that is how little it snowed. Sad. Pathetic. Awkward. Am I right? That is an awkward amount of snow.

As I type this out, it is a beautiful 60 degrees outside in the sun. Spring is coming. That groundhog didn't quite have it right. Either that or Mother Nature [Earth?] is messing around with us... again.

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