Monday, June 20, 2011

Model Girl Gets Married

You could take the title of this post two different ways [as far as I can see... comprehend]. First, this could be pictures of the person that I look up too and respect's wedding. Perhaps this person is a hero in my life and should be copied in every way possible. Perhaps it is a Stepford wife, perfect in every way. 

Or you could take this as someone super hot getting married.

We can go with both definitions here.

Cute couple, and Marieke has killer legs. Am I allowed to say that kind of thing?

Cute flower girl. Marieke gave her Smackers for a flower girl gift, and I am pretty sure that Vera had consumed all three tubes by the next day. 

I went up to Marieke when she was getting her hair done and commented that "she should keep it in the rollers! It looks hot that way." Then she and the hair dresser told me that I was only the like the 29th person to tell her that. Waaawaaaaa. My jokes are so not original as it turns out. 

So Marieke and Ryan got married in April [and you are blogging about it now...!] in Connecticut in this cute little church. Their ceremony was really special and filled with their personality. For example, their program was a comic book. Yes. A comic book. I almost cried with delight. The bridesmaids dresses were the perfect shade of yellow. Meaning bright bright bright. They were stinking adorable. The entire wedding party wore navy Toms, which were also stinking adorable. It was a lot of cute personality shoved into one chapel.

I felt incredibly honored to be a part of their ceremony as I read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. I stood up at the front and yelled in the sanctuary because there was no microphone for me to speak into. Unfortunately I have a lot of practice yelling [at small children to move so they don't get run over. obviously all positive yelling], so there was some definite wincing going on as I sounded like Darth Vader only twenty times louder.

I loved that the entire reception was one huge party. Everyone danced. I thought the floor was going to break. 

Marieke and Ryan are very dear to me. They are a model couple. They love each other very much, and they support each other in every decision made. I am so grateful that I am friends with them. And I plan on staying friends with them for a very long time. I am going to spoil their kids. Legit.

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