Friday, June 3, 2011

My Obsession

I can't help it. I love baking cakes.

Aaaannnndddd... I am so proud of this one. 

My first time making marshmallow fondant [or any fondant for that matter]. My co-workers boyfriend is from England, so she wanted a union jack for his birthday. The best looking cake I saw on the internet with a union jack was a fondant cake. So I made it. I used my go to chocolate cake recipe and layered it with toasted marshmallow icing and chocolate buttercream. For kicks and giggles I added a layer of ganache on the very top and then covered it in the chocolate icing. Apparently people thought it tasted like a giant hoho. I couldn't be more happy. Those were my favorite hostess cake growing up.

Perhaps a Flashback Friday later? We will see.

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