Thursday, June 16, 2011

Real Housewives of Annapolis

Jennie and Mere legitimatelly look like "real housewives" of Annapolis. I have never seen a "real housewives" show, but I imagine this is what they would look like.

These pictures are from when my friend Jennie visited and we went downtown for icecream after Bible Study. We then broke out into song in the icecream shop. I believe we were belting out renditions of Beatles songs. I can't help that we are awesome like that.

That was the night before the nightmare that was getting Jennie on the right bus back to Boston. Dang Megabuses never really say where they are picking up their riders.

The picture above was the only good picture I got of me and Jennie those few days. In all the other ones we are making ridiculous faces. Now I just need photoshop to crop my sister out of the middle. I could just replace her with a dinosaur or something. Sounds reasonable.

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