Monday, July 11, 2011


Excitement caused by others excitement. Feeling old because the characters you have grown up with are coming to a close on the big screen. Their story has run its course, and despite the fact that it leaves us wanting more, we are instead turned loose upon the world hoping to have gained insight from their adventures. I greatly dislike that feeling. Wanting more but not having it. Coming to the end of a wonderfully engaging book and being left dissatisfied with the epilogue. Certainly there is more to their lives. But no. We are left wondering, dreaming up the possibilities of what happened next.

Oh Harry Potter. Why does it have to end so soon? Reminiscing back four years to when the last Potter book was released is bittersweet. I had just returned from a two month missions trip in Africa where all I heard was that Harry Potter was an evil book series, and Christians should not read stories with magic and witchcraft. Being the rebellious [yeah right] eighteen year old I was, the first book I picked up upon my return was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I read it in two days staying up to un-seen hours in order to finish it. I cried multiple times. When the book ended I cried again. I couldn't believe it was over. I wanted more.

So here we are again. Why do endings have to occur multiple times. It is like rubbing salt in the wound. I am hosting a pre-movie watching party before the midnight showing. I am trying desperately to be creative and throw together some cute Potter decorations and food. There are plenty of ideas out there, I just have to scale back and figure out what will work best!

Any other Potter fans going to the midnight showing?

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  1. hah! I thought you were writing about loved ones gone, and then it turns into Harry Potter. I think it's official. You're one of those Harry Potter freaks. But I love you just the same <3