Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My brother done went and got his professional engineer certificate. Well, I actually have no idea if there is a certificate involved. I do know that there is a massive test involved which took literally months of studying for. I know because Beau missed book club to study. LAME. Ah well, at he least swapped out one intellectual thing for another.

My second attempt at fondant.

It looked "pretty", but the consistency and flavor of fondant just can't beat out regular frosting.

I attempted an electrical board since he was getting his professional engineer certificate/award/honor/right of passage. I know nothing about electrical boards, so I kind of just drew a lot of lines and hoped for the best.

I tried a new frosting inside the cake as well. Mint. Also, I put mint extract in the fondant to give it a little flavoring. Everyone said it tasted like toothpaste. Waaawaaaaa... At least I was giving everyone that nice, freshly brushed mouth taste. Which I have right now. Score.

To my brother who never ever reads this: Congratulations... and stuff.


  1. Fondant is tough stuff...even when it is excellent, I prefer traditional frosting. Nice work, though, on a cake that leaves your mouth feeling minty fresh, hehe. Saves one from having to brush afterwards! :-)

  2. HAHA I love it! my hubs is a big geek and would love a cake like that.