Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dream a Little Dream...

With September [now October I 'spose] comes birthdays [sorry B. and M. for missing yours!] and fall sports. Neither items are mine personally [December Baby], but that means I have the distinct priviledge of photographing both events.

I'd like to use the word "priviledge" lightly, because honestly... none of these chumps are paying me the big bucks to document their childhood experiences. Which is fine, I guess.

The birthday girl herself. Our baby is a teenager, and a geeky one at that.
J.'s delicious birthday cake. I say it is delicious because I baked it and made it look delightful. Sorry to those who thought that the strawberries are real. Purely decoration my friends.
 Now we move onto the really exciting items of interest.
Soccer, the world's favorite sport is played by my own dear sisters. I also use the word "dear" lightly. It most definitely depends on the day and what mood they are in.

M's sweet soccer skillzzzzz...

While her eyes are closed [how is she kicking the ball without seeing? crazy mental abilities?], please do notice her rippling muscles.

I have to be honest here, I could probably kick* my seesters multiple butts in this glorious sport. Whenever I watch their games I get incredibly frustrated by the general lack of skill of the field. I start yelling. Parents start getting mad. There was that ill fated incident where I had to get tar and feathers removed from my body [i'll probably not share that story with you... ever]. My seesters play in a recreation league. I need to get over myself.

Can we please notice in this picture not the fact that she isn't even on the ground, but her crazy awesome shorts.
[We can tell that she isn't on the ground because her foot doesn't touch her shadow... that's right. Who's the scientific genius now?]

*Side Note: I could most definitely NOT kick my seesters butts. My legs don't even go that high.

The fans are far too enthusiastic, let's be honest. But it is an honorable gesture.

And one last note before I leave you with this "lovely" fall weather [it has been raining for the past two days], M. is the top scorer in the soccer league this year. That's right. I trained that...

["that" implies my seester. let's not be confused...]

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