Friday, October 22, 2010

Planes, Trains, and the United States Capitol

Surprise! This post has absolutely nothing to do with planes or trains. I did take the metro into Washington, D.C., but I hardly think that counts.

What was I doing in that lovely marsh land they call the capitol of the United States? Well let me tell you. I was visiting an old roommate from college who just so happens to be interning at CNN, The Wooolf Blitzer Room, in DC. Yes, she is that awesome. No, she probably doesn't want to be your best friend. I was incredibly joyous at the prospect of once again being reunited to such a dear roommate, so you can imagine my delight upon beholding her figure traipse out of the metro system. We ran to each other while soft violin music screeched in the background, and we hugged it out. That's right. We Hugged it out.

Then, being the most adventorous individuals that we personally know [Indianna Jones is not a real person, but yes, he is more adventerous], we headed to her CNN building that she would be traveling to each and every day of her internship [I'm not sure if this is actually true, we haven't talked since].

C. was uber excited to be standing in front of her CNN building. I mean, with those Sound of Music Arms, how could you not be excited. She is probably the cutest intern in that building.

We ate at this incredibly, [and i mean incredibly], tasty pub somewhere in DC. I couldn't find it now if you asked me too. Actually. I could. I own a smart phone. I could make it happen. Anyways. It was delicious. Full of English Pub fare.

Then we traversed back the way we had come. Saw the Capitol. blah blah blah. We didn't look like tourists because we are that amazing [at least we think so]. It was just lovely out. The perfect day to be in DC with a good friend.

We finished the day out by both closing our eyes while a lady took our picture. She actually took a really nice one, seeing as most people make you really really small in the picture [why, I'm not too sure]. It is like people don't really want to see the person in the picture. Or they are just reminding themselves that we are just a small part of this huge world, and when we make a big deal out of stuff it is silly because how much does it really matter? Really? Really? There are people suffering around the corner from you.

I am done.

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