Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweetie Pumpkin Pie...

So Kimmy is not in fact a pumpkin, at least not in the literal sense. In the figurative sense, she is every little bit of a sweet pumpkin pie. Just adorable through and through. She has her moments [as does every single person i know], but her parents are doing such a lovely job raising her little cuteness.

 The other day I had the distinct privledge of lunching with this small one. We grabbed lunch at Subway. Please listen and laugh at her sandwich order which always befuddles the sandwich makers to no conceivable end.

White Bread
[okay, that doesn't sound too terrible]
Salami and Turkey
[Could be worse]
[this small child eats pickles day and night]
Black Olives
[it's getting grosser]
A LITTLE bit of Mustard
["excuse me, did you say ketchup?"]

No lettuce, no cheese, no tomatoes. Just pure weirdness all around.

Buuuttt... Kimmy LOVES this sandwich and can eat an entire six inch.

 I met Kimmy four years ago when her parents brought her home from China at the beginning of December. I was one of the first people to meet her at the airport. She was cute, and she didn't really like me when we first met.

However, that January I stayed with her family for two entire weeks. I spent the night a lot and generally just lived at their abode in order to become acquainted with the little peanut.

 Being Kimmy's nanny was my job for three years. I spent the night at her house once a week while her parents had date night, and then spent two other days with her a week.

Basically me and Kimmy were tight.

Then I went to college... [oh the woes of New England]

And I came back.

And all of a sudden she was super cute and very grown up [not that she wasn't cute before obvs]

Now she is turning five. whattheheck.

Seriously, I'm not a parent. I shouldn't feel nostalgic for small children yet.

 But I do.

I love this little munchkin a lot.

[Kimmy's ill attempted gang sign. It didn't work out great]

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