Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Bliss... Footwear Style

At the end of September, as can be seen a few posts ago, I traveled to Massachusetts. While in the Great White North, I was able to visit with some dear friends, one of which is set to be married in the spring. I am so incredibly happy for her. However, my sadness seaps into the equation as I am not in the same state as her, which makes it difficult for me to help her with planning. Apparently she is right on time with all her scheduling. She has the caterer, reception venue, dj, church for the service, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses... oh golly. She is just speeding along.

When I was with her, we went shopping for shoes for her wedding day. What fun. I love shopping with her!
These are the shoes that she is considering for the ceremony. A bright beautiful yellow! Her bridesmaid dresses are quite similar.

M. actually found the dresses while we were out the next morning. While browsing in a vintage shop [and I mean vintage, like items were turning to dust as soon as I touched them, note to self...] we ran across these beauties. Like, this just got real. How could you turn these dresses down?

Toms. What a beautiful brand. I here that they are comfy as well. I wouln't know [insert bitter tone of voice], I've never owned a pair. But you know what? That's okay. Because I don't have to be that hipster. M. is thinking about purchasing these lovely items for the reception. These would truly be her dancing shoes. She would the ultimate dancing queen. She would be that hip and awesome. I kid you not.

These are my dear friends M. and J. on our shopping extravaganza at the sketchy North Shore Mall. M. had to pick up a wedding present for her fiancee's cousin's wedding [that's a mouthful, eh?]. Bed Bath and Beyond brilliantly gave her an empty box because they are shipping the present to the cousins home. That way M. wouldn't look sad carrying nothing to the nuptials.

Little J. was not convinced by the bumpits. Someone doesn't know how to Jersey it up.
Three friends together forever. Or something like that. I miss them. But once again, I am so glad for the opportunity to visit with them. Lovely ladies to be sure.
Shocking. Yes. But it needed to be seen. This is our interpretation of the panda dance. Bam.

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