Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joyeux Noel: Part I

Let me start off with a woeful apology. I have had the wording of this post ready for days. Unfortunately I had reached my limit on pictures for a blog [whaaaat?], so I had to purchase more room. Which I think it slightly ridiculous. Honestly.
But, because I value what I do on here [mainly posting some of my pictures so that people don't hate me because they never see them], I decided to suck it up, pay the $5 and move on with life. So, without further adieu [which, if I'm being honest, I just tried to spell adieu as ado, hmmmm]:
For the sake of keeping my fan base [yeah right], I thought I would move backward in time for the next few posts. Also, I have tons of pictures from Christmas. Thus I want to share them, nay force them, upon the world wide internet. Sounds fair, no? Fair or not, here they are in all their unedited glory.

Our frosting soaked king cake. The point of the cake is to gorge yourself as much as possible with the sweet bread in order to find the baby. I've never ever found the baby. I simply cannot keep up with my siblings as they consume copious amounts of king cake. I'm not bitter though. Oh wait, yes I am!
Surprised about who found it? I'm not. Although, it was her very last piece [and the last piece of the cake I might add] when she found it this year. I have committed myself to training now for the king cake eating contest... celebration? for next year. So if you see me pounding muffins, that's why. [side note: the "baby" does not really look like a baby anymore. just a little blob thing. i credit that to years of "loving"]
Just a king cake for breakfast? Chyeah right. B. made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, and they were absolutely spectacular. Tasty.

Our next activity on Christmas morning was the opening of the stockings.
I'm not going to kid around with anyone. Orly is my favorite dog. Paws down [now is the time you break into guffaws because i said "paws" instead of hands because i am referring to a four legged beast... i can hear the chuckles in my minds eye]. There is no contest between her and Peanut.
M. and I with the sweet hat she put in my stocking. Now I will be a true hipster! All my greatest dreams have come true. It's a Christmas miracle!
Until next time [what? another entry with pictures like these? please no.], Feliz Navidad!

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