Monday, January 24, 2011

Joyeux Noel: Part III

This is part three in which my family members make funny faces while playing a game. They thought that these photographs would never see the light of day. Boy were they wrong.
Seeestor, can I have my sweatshirt back now? k thanks. [i know she isn't going to be happy, because I definitely have pajama pants of hers still]

And what is a post without Christmas cookies. While your answer may be, "a pretty regular post," I still think that this should be included. Where is your Christmas spirit?
Please don't remind me that Christmas is over for another 344 days. I can't handle that kind of information right now. I'm to fragile.

I think people wonder why we are freakishly obsessed with our dog. My answer to you is: How could you not be? Even R. got into a deep discussion with her. I think it is Peanut's deep, soul-searching eyes that do it. What a queen among animals. Also, if you laid her down on the floor you could roll her around like a baking pin. She is so round and fat. No joke.

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