Monday, January 17, 2011

Veinte Dos

Greetings once again from the fair and chilly land of Annapolis. I just returned from being in an incredibly warm climate for two weeks. The shock of returning has not worn off yet, and my semi-tanned skin looks out of place in this cold waste land.

At the end of Diciembre the time had come again for my clock to tick forward one more year. Funny, life does not stop for anyone. Ever. But I believe birthdays are something to be celebrated. If not for the free cake, at least for the recognition that you are still living and breathing.

My lovely sister and lovely friend [who ironically have the same name] decided to throw me the most amazing party complete with a scavenger hunt.

The Abbey Road picture that I have always dreamed off finally happened.
Okay, so apparently I'm Ringo? Whattheheck? Annnnddd, we need to work on the correct positioning. I am ashamed to call myself a Beatles fan right now.

We had to crabwalk on the sidewalks of Annapolis. Pros? I think yes.

We had to acquire a napkin from Kilwins. The boy working was more than happy to oblige us. He seemed quite excited to participate. M. took the quest very seriously as shown.

Yes, we got complete strangers to do the hokey pokey with us. I think at first they thought we were going to abduct them, but it is really hard to abduct someone when your hands are in your pockets. Legit. It was too cold to do anything evil. So they joined in.

Pip's was closed. Shocker.

I had so much fun with my friends [young and old!]. I honestly couldn't believe how many people showed up to help me celebrate another year in my life. The pictures shown were just half of the people who braved a cold Tuesday night to run around Annapolis making themselves look like morons. I couldn't have better friends.

Gracias amigos! I felt very blessed to share my birthday with you all!

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