Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beverly Magic

This a food/regular musing blog. I didn't make the delightful treat that I will share with you today. Rather I entered an establishment and purchased it with my own hard earned money. This food item is one of the reasons that I continue to visit Massachusetts as its tasty flavor brings color to my once black and white world. Perhaps I seem a tad too ecstatic over this meal, but believe me, it was incredible!

Care for some Parmesan chicken calzone?

I want to learn how to make this. Pronto. I am salivating just looking at it. All I know is that it is beyond cheesy and filled with delicious chicken. That seems like enough information to start baking.

I had the pleasure of visiting with my dear friend Jennie while up in Massachusetts again. We roamed the streets of Beverly looking for trouble at every turn. And by looking for trouble I mean that we tried to go to consignment store that was closed. Yes, we are wild and crazy. woohoo.

Beverly is an awfully pretty town. The main drag, or Cabot Street as the residents call it, is picturesque enough to enjoy an afternoon walk in the sunshine. Also wonderful? You can find graffiti anywhere.

And when you are done feeling like a rebel, you can head over to the awesome church that towers about the town. I got my foodierebelsaint fix all in one day. Booyah!

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