Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Did Not Get Eaten By Bears

A few weekends ago I decided that I was going to brave nature like a man and go on a hike. Apparently the ideas I associate with men are things like nature and beards. Don't worry, I didn't brave facial hair like a man and let my beard grow out. Also, I need to reorganize my thoughts on manhood. Those two things probably shouldn't be what make up men in my mind.

I digress.

So I went on a delightful hike on the Appalachian Trail with my father and my sister. 

We drove up to Annapolis Rock and hiked that five mile trail. It was the perfect weather for hiking. Still slightly chilly, but warm enough that you weren't cold when you got going.

My younger sister is a beast.

Let's discuss this word "beast". I believe that some people take it the wrong way, at least their crying faces would suggest so. Sometimes they think that I mean someone is scary like the R.O.U.S in The Princess Bride. That is not quite what I mean when I say someone is a beast. Nor do I mean that they are cute, cuddly, and super furry like Sulley in Monsters Inc. Nor do I mean that they are these intense warriors like Spartans who painted their body red and wore black clothing and spoke in Darth Vader voices just to freak people out [for the record, all those things about the Spartans is true. i learned it in college.]. What I mean by beast is more of a, "she is amazing and a really great athlete, and she hikes really well, and she is very fit, and she could beat me up if she wanted too, and I know that she could win if we ever raced or if she ever raced anyone else besides Michael Johnson. That is what I mean by beast. Hopefully I have made things a little bit clearer and not quite as sketchy.

Thank you for you reading eyes.

I would like to title these next few pictures, "This is what we look like from behind when we are posing for hiking pictures." I think you will find that title most appropriate. If you have any other suggestions, please share.

To close, here is what the backseat of my dad's car looks like when I am creeping on him from the front seat. Not really creeping, but mostly being sketchy. It's what I do.

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  1. that looks like so much fun! And I am SO happy you did not get eaten by a bar. That.Would.Have.Sucked.