Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashback Friday - A Tribute

I know many of you have waited for this day with baited anticipation, just waiting for the shiny new disc to be in your possession. Well, today is it. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One has made its way to DVD and Blue Ray just in time to make spring that much better. After perusing some blogs this morning, I found one joyful gal use her excitement for some artistic creations. You should seriously check it out. Her ideas made me want to leave work right now and go to the fabric store so I could create a beautiful Harry Potter themed apron of my very own.

It also made me want to throw a Harry Potter party with cute little snacks. I'm not sure if I'm too old for that, but I am going to go ahead and just say "no", I'm not old for the magical world of Hogwarts. If and when I do throw that party [i'm thinking right before the last one comes out in theatres on July 15th. you'd better believe that i will be at that midnight showing] I will also be baking these. I know you are thinking of not clicking on that link, but you should. It will blow your Harry Potter mind.

In honor of today I have a few "flashback" pictures to share with you. This would be the youngest sister in summer of 2009. We attended the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with a bunch of hard core HP fans. In fact, there was audible crying in the theater when Dumbledore... I won't spoil it for you. Go read the series... now!

These last pictures are from my jaunt to London in spring of 2006. My father took a four month job there, so I was kind enough to venture "across the pond" and visit. I know, pretty selfless of me.

My brother was in college at the time, and it just so happened that his spring break and my being homeschooled lined up perfectly!

So we took in the sites [all the free ones that is], and we literally only ate out once because everything is so pricey over there. Thankfully all those great museums are free to the public. Below is my father and brother imitating a Greecian statue [i think?] at the British Museum.

It was a fantastic ten days spent in the city, and I know that I didn't see everything that was available. Someday I would like to go back and explore again. And next time I am searching for Harry Potter. I will find him. And I will be accepted to Hogwarts. [it's not creepy that I would be way to old for a school like that, right?]

Happy Harry Potter day! How will you be celebrating?

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  1. Will I be celebrating?



    harry potter-athon? check.

    chocolate bars? (for prisoner of azkaban) check.

    homemade butter beer? check

    wands at the ready? check

    this is the best.ever.