Friday, April 8, 2011

The Post Where-In We All Make Funny Faces

The radio station told us to be out front of the 930 Club by 5:30pm. As I drove around 8th and V Street I almost hyperventilated trying to find a spot to park. It was 5:27 and my palms were sweating. I forgot cue cards so I could be funny, inquisitive, and interesting when I met Amos. They were going to say things like,

1. How about that weather in DC? Oh wait, you aren't from here...
2. One time my sister dropped me on my head. Has that ever happened to you?
3. You know, I bite my nails a lot, but it's not a nervous habit. A lot of people think it is, but it is more of a habit habit. It's something to do with my hands. Maybe I should take up knitting. Do you knit? Do you ever play cat's cradle? That might help with my problem. I know you are a singer by trade, but maybe you can give me some ideas of how to stop biting my nails. [granted this wouldn't all fit on my index card, but at least if i put something down like, "nail biting" my memory would be jogged]
4. I love puppies and chocolate, but not together. That would be weird.

Cue cards definitely would have helped. Instead I shook his hand, got my picture taken with him, and that was all. He did ask Lauren and me where we are from. When I responded with, "None of yo buzinessss!" it got kind of awkward. Ha. I told him where I was from and he mentioned that he goes there all the time to play at Rams Head. So of course I said, "Well, I'll have to look for you next time your in town!" Right, like I'm going to run into Amos Lee on the streets of Annapolis. Later I kicked myself for not saying something funny or helpful like, "Hey, check out Pips or Sofie's Crepes next time your in town. I think you'll really love them or maybe even become obsessed with them like I am! But not together. Hotdog crepes would be weird. And if you need someone to show you where they are, I am more than willing to bring you. You know, just trying to be helpful!" But of course I didn't say any of this because I forgot. Plus the interaction was like five seconds long. Lauren did say that he talked to us more than everyone else though. She also spaced out for about half of it, so I'm not sure if I can trust her.

I kept thinking that Amos was going to look out into the audience during the show and say, "And this one is dedicated to that really awesome girl I met before the show who told me about all these wonderful places in Annapolis. Julia, this one is for you!" Unfortunately I screwed up and forgot to tell him my name when we met. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

That was my brush with fame. I will cherish it forever. And maybe next time Amos is in town I will run into him on the street. After all, I did say I would keep a lookout for him.


  1. Eeeehehe! (Wait, didn't I say that last time?) This was funny. He looks....well, he looks like how his music sounds: mellow.

  2. hey! I'm glad you commented! and I like your blog! :-)

  3. ps, I was reading your profile thinking "this girl likes the same things I do! I should be friends with her!" and then "heyyy, I think I know her!"