Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More More Fashion Baby

Alright, maybe I can't call this "fashion" exactly... But wait! Some reader out there is shaking their head violently side to side as a way of disagreeing. Let's look up the definition, shall we?

Here are a few different definitions for our viewing pleasure:

1.The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior: out of fashion.

2.Something, such as a garment, that is in the current mode: a swimsuit that is the latest fashion.

3.The style characteristic of the social elite: a man of fashion.

Little J., I would argue, goes along somewhat with the third defintion. Hers is the style characteristic of the artsy [if that's what those kids are calling it these days].

Opinions? Does Little J. have a fashion sense?
A few face shots to show the range of emotion that she possess... her range is about the length of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. Not very long compared to how much more there is out there. She's learning though. And heavens knows I can't teach her anything. I just take the photos. She does the posing all on her own.
Just one for your viewing pleasure with the other girls. Little J. has definitely practiced her posing more than these sweet chicks. Is that a good or bad thing though? Little J. is just a home schooled, thirteen year old.

She practiced her jumping in the air pictures. The face needs some work when she is in action. It is much harder to keep everything pulled together when there is motion involved. practice-practice-practice.
This final one is definitely my favorite. I want to lable it "that strange girl in school who is being talked about behind her back for her weird fashion sense but who actually has a more forward approach to fashion in the world and doesn't care what others actually think of her because she is far to awesome and cool to let that matter in her life." This is why I am not allowed to lable my photos.

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  1. Joanna is hilarious. She never ceases to make me laugh!