Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cheesecake Galore

Birthdays. For family. They happen. They tend to happen often in my home as my family is large-ish. We are hoping for an even larger family, but there are no nieces or nephews in the works yet. I am crossing my fingers for sooner rather than later, but I am also not really in charge of that. Drat.

The lovely sister in law had a birthday recently, and she is also cute as a button. Therefore I have pictures. [i don't take pictures at my ugly family members birthdays. i don't wish to inflict those memories upon the world] She had a little get together with some friends and family that involved copious amounts of food and cheesecake.

Recognize the cupcakes from my last post? The bridal shower was directly before Mary's party. So the girls just brought them along.

Obviously enthused.

See? Only cute. The brother behind her though? Maybe not his best angle. Maybe he should just stop blinking in pictures.

Not going to lie, I kind of wish I had photoshop so I could photoshop Beau out of the background. Maybe I'll have to invest in it someday. Mary is pretty darn cute though!

They did a "top your own cheesecake" bar with cheesecakes from Trader Joes. It was a pretty brilliant idea, and I know the guests chowed down on their fair share of cheesy goodness. Also, we have a tradition in our family where the birthday cake is shoved in a box so we can place a fragrance candle on top in lieu of a regular birthday candles. It is better for the environment and also saves us money on buying candles.

Kidding. They just didn't have any in the house.

They did hire a strolling guitar player for their party which added very nicely to the ambience.
 Also kidding. He didn't even know how to strum that thing.


  1. Oh this looks like such fun! I hope my birthday turns out similar. xx

  2. awww your sister in law is adorable. Oh and that is a lot of yummy food! It is 11pm on my side of the world and because of your post I am craving for a snack before bedtime. Lol.