Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Patron Saint of a Cute Little Baby

Sometimes I cannot be around small children for an extended amount of time. Perhaps my patience level just isn't where it should be [i know that it isn't]. Perhaps things shorter than me intimidate me. Whatever the reason is, it has unfortunately become my mindset.

However, if you hand me a baby I quickly become a very pleased individual.

Recently one of my friends in Massachusetts gave birth a beautiful baby boy whom she named Eliot James. This boy is going to grow up and do great things with a name like that!

I was immeasurably blessed to visit the momma and baby two days after he was born! She didn't know that I was planning on visiting either, which made it that much sweeter.

Don't you just love how little their hands and feet are! All the details are perfect, but miniscule.

Eliot James is the third born in his family. I have a very soft spot for third children, as I am one. If more kids come along, then the third child can be pushed to the background. I am the third child of six. So kind of in the middle, kind of not. I feel for Eliot. When Abi announced her pregnancy I gave her a really soft blanket for Eliot. Someone has to get that boy presents too! In turn she named me his patron saint. I am really enjoying that title!

Julia, the Patron Saint of Eliot James. Has a good ring to it.

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