Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Apologies

Has May been ridiculously busy for anyone else? I feel like I lost my once sure footing these past couple of weeks in the busyness of my life. Between working a ton of extra hours with my job [apparently everyone wants to come to Annapolis in May] and house sitting/dog sitting for two straight weeks, I kind of feel like I am going a tad bit crazy. Thankfully things are starting to die down a little bit. June is still quite the roller coaster of terror, but it seems at this point that it is more manageable.

I have done a few very fun things this month around the craziness. Like go to Ring Dance.

Not familiar with "Ring Dance"? Let me enlighten you. I live near The United States Naval Academy. Midshipmen go the academy [at least that's what they are called once they are there, i'm pretty sure they don't come out of the womb being addressed that way. but what do i know...]. At the end of their junior year they recieve their class rings and are thrown a huge party. The Ring Dance. It's kind a huge deal, and apparently every Annapolitan girl dreams of someday attending the dance with a dashing young midshipman. It is a black tie affair. The mids wear their shiny dress uniform, and the girls who go wear ball gowns essentially.

A family that I have grown up with has a son that goes to the Naval Academy. He invited me. We went. It was fun. The hall that was used wouldn't have been my first choice for such a fancy event, but the event planners really knew what they were doing. It was elegant and tasteful as long sections of white cloth was hung from the ceilings while colored lights cast their glow upon the background. Chandeliers hung from the rafters, and the concrete was topped with a checkered dancing floor. It really was quite stunning.

Hugh picked me up beforehand, and we went to his roomate's girlfriends house where we consumed dinner and took pictures on the waterfront.

It was a fun night and a good break from life. I like dressing up. I will be sure to don the grey gown again for a trip to McDonalds.

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