Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Surprise to Say the Least

So, if you read this little blog regularly, you may remember a post wherein I won tickets to see Amos Lee perform in DC. Well... the same radio station gave me more free tickets on Friday to see Amos again! And I am not kidding. The best part, I get to go to a barbecue before the concert where I will get free hamburgers, natty bohs and some face time with the artists at the concert. Let me just say, I am seriously stoked. Majorly stoked. 

So tomorrow, despite the sad rainy forecast, I will be headed into Baltimore for some time with Amos Lee, Eric Hutchinson, Mason Jennings, Bobby Long and Josh Ritter. If it were sunny out tomorrow, I would totally rock the outfit below. 

Maybe I'll do it anyways.

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