Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Brown and Blue Affair

Right after returning from Phoenix my family attended a wedding for a family friend. In fact, my older brother was in the wedding party. It was probably one of the nicest receptions that I have been to in my wedding days. They had a hors d'oeuvres hour and dinner! Needless to say, I ate way more than I normally would. The food was fantastic though!

What I loved about the reception and wedding was the DIY aspects. The bride made the programs, name cards, and favors. I wish I had a picture to show you the beautiful program, but unfortunately that went into the trash can. Here are a few pictures, however, of the decor.
The cute little gift boxes with kisses inside. The kisses had monogrammed stickers slapped onto them for that personal touch!

The adorable place cards. All done by hand.

The table arrangement. The flowers were really pretty and went perfectly with the blue and brown theme.

We ate, we danced. It was a fun time.

This is my sister looking far older than her fifteen years. I am going to have to lock her up somewhere so that her hair can grow freakishly long. Then she can use said hair for letting people into the tower, but only good looking men that have some royal background. If you're an average joe, there is no way that you are getting into that tower to talk to my sister. Also, you should give it a few years. She is only fifteen for crying out loud!

This, my friends, is the real reason that we go to weddings. For the dancing. I know you want to see more dancing pictures, so stay tuned!

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