Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cheer

Scenes of Sugar Plums dancing in your head... what does that even mean? What are Sugar Plums, and what gives them the right to take up valuable space in small childrens heads? I googled this archaic image, and what appears is for the most part pretty reliable. Sugared Plums. Fruit of some sort. And then up pops an incredibly sketchy photo of some middle aged, hairy, overweight men dressed in white tutus standing in the freezing cold with snow all around them. I believe they call themselves the Sugar Plum Group.

Let's keep Christmas on the classier side and stick with toy trains that circle minature villages wrapped in cotton fluff snow. That image looks a lot better to me than middle aged men.

Sugared items aren't necessarily off limits, however. I enjoy the occasional seasonal berry garnished with sugar. This one is truly fake though.

Homestead Gardens. Ever heard of it? It is a wonderland of Christmas delight. Not only do they serve apple cider donuts [quite the delish little treat], but they also have rows and rows of pointsettias, Christmas trees, and beautiful decorations. Have you ever seen enough ornaments to cover 5 million Christmas trees? I have. I have.

I want to live there and sleep amongst the Christmas spirit. There is not enough at home [we don't even have our Christmas tree up yet... gasp! okay, on my dresser is a mini one that i gaze at every night though], and the only way I am going to be able to get enough Christmas spirit is to leave the scrooge household. My little sister is insisting on decorating the tree on Christmas Eve so we don't have to leave it up any longer than necessary. She is totally getting coal for Christmas.

Not this girl though. She is far to adorable and loves Christmas.

She even had a cute little session with Santa. All of the items on her gift list are for her PS3, which I am pretty sure she still doesn't really know how to use. It is cute though, trying to be older than she really is. Something that most people never grow out of during their lifetime. Then when they are older they start trying to be younger than their actual age. What this mess leaves you is a sense of unfillment, you are never the right age at the right time.

Here is some random bottles of Olive Oil. Very pretty bottles of Olive Oil. Lurking.

And some not so Christmassy colors. But amazingly vibrant colors all the same.

To finish up this longish post, here is a picture expressing the reaction of Santa's presence when someone is a humbug Christmas Carol style. It is not a pretty facial reaction at all. This does not scream excitement. It alludes to more of a terror filled feeling. Great. She is definitely getting coal.

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  1. "a wonderland of Christmas delight"
    "I want to live there and sleep amongst the Christmas spirit."
    "[small tree] i gaze at every night"

    "You are never the right age at the right time." --so true.

    I love you.