Monday, December 6, 2010

An Italian Thanksgiving

This does not reflect what exactly my immediate family did on Thanksgiving. This actually reflects quite the opposite. My family didn't smile this much or drink alcohol [curse the ban on alcohol in my parents household!]. Nor did we gorge ourselves on delicious Italian food. This is the pre-Thanksgiving party where me, my sister, and our three friends celebrated our Italian heritage.

Part one was caprese salad with tomatoes, mozzerella, basil, and balsamic vinager. Superb.

A little prosciutto, salami, and provolone came next.

And then some oranges? False. These were just decor.

This was not, however. Mmmm. A short little backstory behind this wine. I went into the liquor store in the back of Rite Aid to pick this up just hours before we drank it. The plan was to get in and get out as soon as possible. Being the uneducated vino connoisseur I am, the sister said to just pick up some red wine that would make a nice sangria. Being the spastic little munchkin that I am, I nearly had a panick attack in the store trying to figure out if merlot, shiraz, or cabernet was the perfect kind. To top it off, my cell phone didn't get reception in the back of the store. I just about had a breakdown in the middle of the Rite Aid wondering what kind of wine to pick up. I was also self-conscious about the fact that I look about twelve years old. It didn't help my psyche at all. Then I found this glorious bottle. It just says red wine. And that looked good to me. No matter that it has socialist undertones on the front. That is probably what drew me to it anyways.

The red wine eventually turned into this pretty little picture. Basically all I am good for at these foodie get togethers is making sangria. It is an essential part of the evening, granted, but also anyone could do it.

The final spread looked something like this. L. made eggplant parmesan, which was eaten swiftly as it was the epitome of tastiness [no matter, that eggplant is not even on my radar for food as it makes me squeamish. everyone else grunted with delight at they shoved it into their open mouths].

J. sure enjoyed the entire meal. She loves eggplant. So we sent the majority of it home with her.

I'm not really sure what this situation was all about. All I know is that it is kind of awkward!
Kidding, it is more hilarious than anything else.

Thanks friends for a lovely Italian Thanksgiving meal!


  1. haha i love the bottle of "red" wine! and your story behind it :) You're so cute!
    and the sangria looks beautiful! Let's make some when i'm a grown-up and have my own place, free of gc rules!