Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At the Zoo

Despite your initial attractions to this post, bated by the Simon and Garfunkel smoothness, this is not in fact about how the illustrious duo split due to a disagreement about an albino kitty resembling a tiger.

It is, however, about a trip to the zoo. To the Phoenix Zoo in fact.

One especially bright and sunny day, five DP employees traversed to that zoo which is so well known in the tri-state area. Upon arrival we did not lay our eyes upon magnificent animals from the world at large, but an attraction of the botanical type.

Shortly thereafter we came upon our first specimen of epic proportions.

An ox of the African sort. I am terribly bad with names, so I can't remember the name of this ox. Something like Reginald or Bartholomew. Whatever his name was, he sounded like the distinguished type. Very formal and polite. I should like him for my very own really.

Then we came upon another site to behold. A real live cactus in Arizona. Yes, their edges and pointy things are sharp. Beware.

Alright, perhaps it is my childish nature. Perhaps it is the fact that I think monkeys are hilarious in any way, shape, or form. Or perhaps it is because I regularly have dreams about monkeys that make me their queen [i rule the monkey kingdom with the ease and grace of a shirley temple type woman. the monkeys adored me, i loved them back, and peace and harmony lay upon the kingdom]. Honestly, it doesn't really matter, I love looking at monkeys because they are so freaking hilarious! Look at this picture. The one monkey is grooming the other. How can you not laugh with delight when viewing this masterpiece?

How cute are these little gazelle guys? The one on the left is playing with a hanging ball! Also, I think there was food in the ball. So the zoo owners are just torturing the gazelle by not letting him eat, but instead they are playing an atrocious and evil mind trick on the little guys. Heartless zoo owners. How dare they. Not so cute and cuddly anymore, is it?

I should probably try to lay off the despair and gloom that we encountered at the zoo. The picture of the gazelles may not be for everyone, so use sound judgement when deciding who to show it too.

Here is something a little more on the happy side.

Also, K. is a little more on the happy and adorable side. Actually, a lot on that side.

Peacocks just amaze me. Between the amazing colors [love the peacock blue. i am considering having my wedding dress that color instead of a traditional white. i just think the blue would be more playful and eccentric. it just fits] and awesome wing span, who wouldn't love a peacock?
Actually, sometimes I imagine that peacocks [well, mainly the male species] are stuck up little animal aristocrats. They stick their pretentious noses [or beaks] up in the air whenever some lesser animal passes them by. "Surely a duck is not as brilliantly colored as I," says the extremley uppity peacock.

Like I said, monkeys are my favorite [aside from giraffes. they truly are my favorite of all animals in the entire world including the extinct unicorn and narwhale]. So please enjoy this picture of a special little monkey that is very near and dear to my heart.

Also, enjoy this ridiculous picture of some odd zoo viewers. Can't they behave themselves? Honestly. The world right now is just not very polite or considerate. Oh behave.

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