Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Descent into Madness: Part I

Greetings from the blustery city of Annapolis. With temperatures reaching the single digits at night, I think it is highly appropriate to include pictures of a night where I and a few fellow Annapolitans [and one Baltimorian, but that's not important] braved the cold to shop. And when I write shop, what I really mean is go store to store during Midnight Madness and procur the free beverages and desserts.

From one Annapolitan to the world, let me tell you a little something: as long as you can schmoooze with any number of people, you will be set to go. Various stores had free champagne, wine, and faux-sangria [i was moderately upset with that establishment for their false advertisement. it's not sangria if there isn't any wine in the juice!]. One store even had Whipped Lightning! Prepare to be simply amazed and astonished.

What the owner did was take a little chocolate cup half filled with Bailey's Liquor, and then he topped it off with the alcoholic whipped cream. I'm not really sure what kind I was given [and then promptly consumed], but it was delicious and very strong.

 It was a universal hit all around. Although D. was itching to move on to the next stop, an art gallery. There we paid our dues and stared contemplatively at a few local pieces briefly. L. and P. stared longingly at pieces that would look delightful in their new apartment, or so they told the saleswoman.

Let's finish with these few pictures. Just a shot of the gentlemen [and woman] of the night.
The last one is definitely one of favorites of the night.

More to come. Look for Part II tomorrow!

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  1. 1. I can't believe they were trying to pawn off fake sangria by calling it real sangria.
    2. The chocolate/Bailey's shot thing looks good!