Friday, November 19, 2010

Georgetown Part Dos

As you can see from the title of this entry, this is another little excerpt about my travels to Georgetown. Also, I know little to no Spanish. Fail.

Georgetown is quite prestigious in its own right. They are home to the Hoya's who have won some sports awards in the past [please don't ask what awards or trophies. something having to do with basketball. something like... i'm drawing a blank]. Some really smart people have gone there [i had to look this up because i didn't actually know anyone who had graduated from there. apparently, however, bill clinton went to their foreign service school. the prime minister of lebanon attended GU as well. use that bit for your weekly trivia tournaments!]. Georgetown's buildings follow in the tradition of being prestigious. I quite honestly expected the boys to be wearing blazers, ties, and pressed slacks. Sadly no.

The cute little chapel on campus. Apparently scenes from the Exorcist were filmed here.
Doesn't make it sound so cute anymore. More horrifying if you ask me. And you should ask me.
I'm the one writing this down.
This just got real.

No, I'm not being fecicious in the least. This alluring building is the one in which my parents first met. *gasp* Say it ain't so! Yes, yes. It is true. They met here. On the Georgetown campus. My dad worked in the back. My mom worked in the front. Was it love at first sight? Good gracious no. The whole process took a while.
My mom is front of her alma mater. Looking super adorable per usual.

Just one more photo. Part three will be along shortly. Perhaps next week.

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