Sunday, November 14, 2010

So there was this one night...

 Downtown Annapolis really does have a lot to offer, especially if you are willing to do stupid dares for a dollar. Let me tell you, a world of excitement and idiotic behavior will open up right in front of your unbelieving eyes. My sister is plagued with this disease known as, "Can't let a dollar slip out of my fingers"-syndrome. It is really quite sad. But then again, who's showing off her skills via crab walk around State Circle? Not you. Not you at all. 

I'd like to find the silver lining in this picture for a moment. L. looks super cute. She looks really put together aside from the whole being on the really disgusting sidewalk thing.
 As you can clearly see, this whole opportunity opened up just a crazy amount of communication between coworkers/friends/adopted parents [L.'s adopted parents, not mine]. When in doubt, or looking for some bonding experience, dare someone to crab walk in a public place. Believe me, it truly works wonders on an outing.
Unless of course, there are already waffles involved. Which in that case, there is no need to make the night any better. With waffles bonding experiences are at your proverbial feet. 
 But if doubting that this "hang out time" isn't quite as fun as you had made it out to be [you liar, you], just look for the oh-so-subtle "this is awesome" hand gesture.
Phew, this evening has not been a waste of maybe bonding experience. 

Just give them a Guinness. 
[the only reason i know how to spell that is because of the glass P. is holding]
[my bad] 

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