Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A House Made for the gods...

So that sounds kind of funny. A house made for the gods? Honestly, the gods probably have more luxurious living space, like the clouds. Nice and fluffy and bouncy. Perfect for parties and snuggling.

Anyways. When I went to Phoenix at the beginning of this month we rented a lovely little villa on Palmcroft Drive, just minutes from downtown Phoenix. The bedrooms and decor were quite lovely. I really wish I had snapped some pictures of the more *ahem* frightening busts about the house.

The master bedroom in all its glory.

My bedroom. Complete with a weird picture of some naked statue man on the wall. Look the the right side of the picture, there you will see that magnificent piece of art that I awoke to every morning. I wonder if it is coincidence that I had more nightmares than usual while in Arizona. Nightmares about those people who dress up like statues so they can freak you the heck out! For real, why would you do that to someone?

This was the intricate chandelier type thing that hung above my bed.

This is a decoration.

These are some pictchers from the kitchen. I think they were supposed to just be decorational. I probably shouldn't have made sangria in it then. My bad.

And this is the lovely fountain right outside the kitchen. There was this lovely little patio complete with a pool at our house. Sadly, when I wasn't working 12+ hours a day, I was drowning my sorrows in cheap sangria from Safeway.

Not really.

Don't tell my mom.

For the final picture I have included an obligatory "take your picture in the mirror because your awesome like that, just like a pre-teen girl trying on dresses at JCpenney without her mom. oooh, rebel" photo. Really, I just like taking pictures of myself because I tend to lean more to the vainer side. Come on, who doesn't like taking taking pictures of themselves? Honestly.

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