Thursday, November 18, 2010

Georgetown Part Uno

Back in the 1800's my parents went to Georgetown University to learn, party, and get a degree in higher education. Quite the babe on campus [she was a hippy to the max. Birkenstocks and all], my mother and father met on that distinguished campus. The rest, as they say, is history. 

My friend L. [which freakishly enough, a good number of my posts have her picture in them. hopefully no one has gotten to the point of stalking her. except for me of course. but that doesn't count. right?] now works in Georgetown as an assistant pasty chef at the renowned restaurant 1789. Being the fully supportive friend that I am [i really just wanted free pastries], I decided to make the trek to Georgetown, a magical land which I had never traversed. My mother accompanied me, as did my sister, and we met up with my friend C. to have lunch at the Tombs, the pub situated right near Georgetown University.

As you can clearly see, we are shameless hams for the camera.

Complete and total hams. C. [if you must know. really, you are quite nosey] is really enjoying her internship at CNN with the animal man. She is quite good at inserting herself into a situation and being awesome at whatever she needs to do! Congratulations, C.!

Now onto the real good stuff. What you've all be waiting for [you really need to get yourself off the computer and outside. get some sun on those wan cheeks!]!

That's right, the beautiful streets of Georgetown. I want to live here. The colors are simply superb.

Picturesque churches. I wonder how often its doors are opened?

I love this flower. Simply gorgeous.

I am saving my mother's pictures at her alma mater for another time. I don't want to give away all my secrets all at once! I have to keep some things up my sleeves [i have to admit that my sleeves are getting pretty bulky. hiding stuff up there isn't as good an idea as it once seemed. i don't recommend it in the least].


  1. can i live there with you?? i think that would be glorious on many levels :o)

  2. Kaeli, nothing would make my heart sing any louder. That would be simply marvelous!