Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ray's Birthday Edition

My dear friend L. is just adorable and thoughtful. I was just explaining to my mother last night how lucky I am to have such a friend. The only difference I could ask for is if she would give me a million dollars a week. My sister chimed in at this point saying, "I would be happy with a million dollars every two weeks!" We are the classy types on my family.

But I digress.

L. has done it again. She baked the most delightful looking cake, miniature style, for our friend Ray's happiest of birthdays.

Stunned with her masterpiece, Ray could only but pose for a few pictures where in he accepts the gifts that L. bestowed upon him. The shaking of hands truly made the cake his own. It was if he was accepting the keys to a great and delicious orange city. A miniature city though. Not a real sized one. Like Rome, New York size [reader, you may be confused by the Rome, New York reference. do not fear. i speak not in confusing terms on a general basis. what i mean by this is that Rome, New York is not two different places that I speak of. instead it is one small, sleepy town in upstate New York that boasts a Walmart and Aldi's Bargain Food Store].

 Then Ray quickly consumed the cake sans utensils as the parking lot of Main Ingredient does not boast a utensil stand.

Happy Birthday, Ray!

May all your greatest wishes come true [except for the whole flannel becoming the staple piece in every single persons wardrobe wish... not gonna happen]!

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