Thursday, February 24, 2011

Excessive Breakfast Food

Recently I have started eating breakfast again. I'm not sure when this meal stopped in my life, but I am guessing it was somewhere between middle school and high school. I suppose it just seemed unneeded at that time in my life [which is ridiculous, because when would you ever need it more? except for when you are in the infantile stage of life. apparently food is essential when you can't feed yourself]. Anyways, the point is that eating food before 10am in the morning is a habit that I am trying to start. It doesn't help either that food of the morning variety is not my favorite. I would honestly much rather eat soup. Or a sandwich. Or Pad Thai.

In Massachusetts breakfast is somewhat a big deal. They have really great diners and greasy spoons that serve superb morning food [and this is coming from an unappreciative breakfast consumer]. I had the great pleasure of dining with some of the most wonderful people you will ever know. I was blessed to transfer into my school with them and form some dear friendships that I have oh so appreciated over the past few years.

Let me give you a little background. Luis, the Puerto Rican in the middle, is one of my dearest friends. Together we have gone on a wilderness adventure [la vida for those of you who know these things], Guatemala in 2010, Israel for a Biblical geography class in 2010, and Guatemala again in 2011. We like to call each other adventure buddies. Sarah transfered into my school at the same time as me. Out of all the transfers I felt one of the biggest connections with her. She also went to Guatemala in 2010. Finally is Russ. Russ who I adore. Also a transfer with us, he was on my La Vida trip in the summer of 2008. All three of these beautiful people have made such an impact in my life, and I am incredibly indebted to all of them.

Below is Sarah and her very nice boyfriend. They are awfully cute together, and I am very happy for them!

I have always thought that Luis would look nice with a pink man-purse. It really goes with his skin tone.

Luis is actually one of the most trustworthy and honest person I have ever met. Legit. I am of the opinion that everyone should know him. But I'm also glad that not everyone knows him, because then he wouldn't have time to hang out with me [my selfishness gets me every time. baaazinga]. Plus he has an amazing fiance whom I adore. The two of them are incredibly fun to be with.

One final picture of the blondest haired, blue-est eyed girl I have ever met. Sure there have been a couple guys that have been in my life at some point with the essential German mix, but never has there been a girl quite like Sarah. She is beautiful, and her boyfriend is lucky to have her. If you ever need to make friends with someone who is sweet and kind and loving through and through, just give Sarah a call.

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