Monday, February 28, 2011

Beiber Fever?

Two weekends ago Luis made this comment: "What is this going around? Justin fever?"

"Yes, grandpa," Russ retorted quickly without missing a beat.

So, here is grandpa Luis with the Beibs.

Beiber fever has really taken the nation by storm.

All three of my sisters have seen the movie. In fact, my oldest sister is in the market to adopt the Beibs because he is so cute [her words, not mine].

My question is this: Can you really adore and love a boy with a new haircut like that? And have you ever noticed how freakishly dark his eyebrows are? You probably haven't because his hair has been covering them this entire time! Maybe that is why he stuck with that particular hair cute this entire time. Well, folks, the eyebrows are out and ready for some camera time.

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