Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inevitable Parting

Today does not bring deep insight or musing [does my writing on here ever do that? hardly], but it does bring an appreciation for the people we worked alongside in our short two weeks in Guatemala City.

Let's start with dear V. What a beauty straight up.

Then of course is S. Such a wonderful guy. I am hopeful that I will have the chance to see him again.

The manly men on our team, Guatemalan and American alike. Such a wonderful crew full of musicians, models, car detailers, construction workers, students, pastors. It is truly the real deal.

Aaaand the chicas. Hearts of gold, determined spirits, and beautiful souls. I was truly blessed to work alongside each and everyone of them.

 For your viewing pleasure: my favorite two Guatemalan boys and my favorite Puerto Rican.
I love them.

Finally, almost our entire group. We are missing a few people, and I am not sure where they scampered off to when the picture was being taken. It was taken using a bucket, rag, and camera [you thought it could be taken sans camera! fuuuunnny]. 

Dios te bendiga

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