Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Fridays

Rituals are comforting in a world of turmoil coupled with the unknown. That is why I have decided to start a little tradition here on sepia toned vignettes. Every Friday I will be drawing from the scores of photos that I have taken over the years and show you a bit of my past.
Today we are going back to the summer of 2005. What can I tell you about that year. Well, according to the pictures the only thing I did during that summer was swim and hang out with my next door neighbors. I do believe that I was more tan during that glorious summer than I ever will be again.

It also marked, if I remember correctly, the year my dear sister started her adventure at a four year school. So that summer was also marked by the impending doom of her departure. Therefore, let me share with you just a few pictures of what that summer looked like like for me.

I swam every day at the local pool on our community swim team. Let's be honest for a moment, I was horrendous at this sport. I was slow. My form wasn't very good. My butt got kicked in almost every single race I was ever in. But, I had fun. Competitiveness doesn't play such a big part when you suck at something.

Our next door neighbors helped us throw a superhero party. Apparently this obsession with Marvel and DC has stemmed from a long history of dressing up and pretending that we had powers. That's normal, right?

My litter sisters were tiny. Not the one in the middle. I'm not related to her. Awww... little J. and her sun/chlorine bleached hair. Sometimes it even looked a little green she swam so much.

This looks like one of those super awkward family photos. It was taken in Ocean City really close to when Lauren left us. Our neighbors wanted to have a special overnight in her honor. Seriously, why would anyone ever pose like that unless they were forced too?

Below is the girl I spent nearly the entire summer with either by going to the pool or playing cards. Phase Ten was our card game of choice, and boy did we ever own it. I don't think I have even attempted to play that game since 2006.

Here we are posing at Lauren's final dinner before shipping her off. My skin looks like I went through a dozen tanning sessions at my favorite spa. But at least everyone else did it as well! We could be from the Jersey Shore if we teased our hair enough. Except for the sister. She will never look like she is Italian or from the Jersey Shore. The skin gives her away.

Uno mas. Here is the prom dress I bought for $12. It was quite possibly one of the biggest deals I have ever found. What a lovely reminder to look for another ball gown of sorts for the Ring Dance in May. If I find one as cheap as this, I may just possibly have a gift. The gift of clearance shopping.

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