Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Old and the New

I love the combination of mixing the old with the new. The old reminds me of the process and trials that it took to get me to this point, and the new shows the potential and opportunities that I have for the future. Whether it is visiting with old friends and catching up on our new lives or rummaging through a Salvation Army filled with old and new trinkets alike, I am reminded at every turn of the intricacies of ideas living next to each other in daily life.

Lynn, Massachusetts embodies the idea of the old and the new living side by side. It was first settled in 1629 and has been growing and changing ever since. As I walked through its streets I passed aged buildings and heard old country languages spoken rapidly. Yet, there is a generation being built that is different and modern. Their ideals are birthed out of a different age and culture. Isn't that how most generations are though? Moving onto the next idea while their patriarchs hold onto what they know and have sustained over so many years.

While in the lovely city of Lynn, I was most fortunate to consume a meal that has never touched my palate before this moment. A Mexican burger. Complete with homemade tortilla chips. The salsa tasted very Guatemalan, which made sense as Fernando is Guatemalan. I love food. I can't help it!

After lunch we ventured over to the Salvation Army to find a vase for J.'s flowers.

Old and new popped up again in my mind. All these discarded and old items have been thought about as old and unworthy for so long. But there are many people who regard them as shining and new [and a great buy at that]. I can't force any idea or object or person in my mind into one specific category. Often things are far different than how I perceive them.

Spending time with J. was refreshing and wonderful. We had a lot to catch up on, and it was a stark reminder of different my life is now. It blows my mind how just a year ago I was in the throes of college life. I ran from one obligation to another, never pausing to take a breath. I loved it. I miss the constant activity and interactions with peers and leaders alike.

I apologize for the garbled and random thoughts today. My mind is all over the place, and unfortunately this is the result. Ah well, better to work it out then let it lie.

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