Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White... Tuesday?

I actually don't remember the specific day that it snowed here in Maryland. Honestly, I can't even seem to recall if it was in January or February. I think my mind is going... slowly. All I know is that it snowed one night, and it was absolutely beautiful. It wasn't just light, fluffy, little snowflakes falling from the endless sky either. It was heavy, wet packing snow perfect for snowball fights and snowmen.
My younger sister M. and my dog Orly ventured outside with me to take in the scenery. And take in the picturesque view did we. Orly loves the snow. Show me a dog that loves snow more than her, and I will laugh at your boldness. Aside from Eskimo dogs [huskys?], I have never seen a dog enjoy and romp through snow with such delight. Orly was running at break neck speeds through our neighborhood just to take it all in. I brought her outside without a leash, because how could I contain that joy? Harnessing it and not letting her run free... Also, there were no cars out because of all the wet stuff, so I was pretty confident that Orly would not get run over.

And like I mentioned before, it was snowing hard. It was just whipping across our street with inches accumulating quickly. The next day I definitely got to go into work late.
  Happy Wednesday!

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