Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Superhero Action

My lovely, dear sister turned twenty-four. In her honor a superhero v. villians themed party was thrown. Those who attended were urged strongly to dress as their favorite hero or villian. The attempted outfits were poorly thrown together in most cases without very much thought or consideration. My outfit on the other hand was most excellent as I constructed it myself that very afternoon.

My sister owns a batman shirt. Yay. Therefore she was going to attend as Batman... or a poorly outfitted female who owns nothing else superhero themed but a Batman shirt. And because I love my sister, and because it was her birthday, I agreed to attend as Robin. Remember the beloved 1966 Adam West Batman movie where the dynamic duo battles the Penguin? They also use shark repellant to unhinge a shark's jaw from Batman's leg at one point. Whether this was an endearing movie during your childhood or not, this is probably the best Batman movie every made. Thus I tried to model my Robin outfit after this one...

I made my entire outfit by spending just $9 total. I love that you can buy simple colored shirts at the craft store and just transform them however you wish. What you can't see is my awesome utility belt that I bought at the costume shop for $2. It really helped complete the outfit. Too bad my cape wasn't a nude color.

And like I said, L.'s outfit was essentially just her tshirt and black pants. Lame.

But not quite as lame as the other outfits at the party.
I don't think that throwing on a bath robe right before you go to a costumed party is considered trying. It doesn't matter that you are wearing aviators on your head.

The day after the party my brother came up to me and commented on the fact that I dressed as Robin. "Didn't you know that everyone hates Robin?" Thanks, B.

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