Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lovey Dovey Dinner

Valentines Day came and went without any particular huzzah of sorts. The actual day of Valentines was a little odd I felt. The day came and went like any other, there was nothing that set it apart. Yet, for many others, it is a special day filled with sweet remembrances and thoughtful goodies. It is funny how a holiday can mean so much to some people and mean nothing to others. Perhaps that is how December 28th will be in the future when it becomes a national holiday filled with free hot air balloon rides and Pad Thai eaten at every table. My birthday will affect some, but not all. I wasn't affected by Valentines Day, but I am deeply moved by Presidents Day.

All that to say, I cooked food for the family that I love! What's that you say? You cooked delicious and tasty morsels for your father, mother, sisters, and brothers? no no no. I said the family that I love!

It was a joke.
Now you probably think that I am some unfeeling, callous clown who writes terrible things about her family. Yet, the truth is that I cooked this meal because my sister really wanted spaghetti and meatballs. And since I am working on my wife skills [obviously so that my dad can marry me off], what better way to celebrate all that is lovey and dovey?

So I made a flourless chocolate cake and meatballs.

I started with this recipe found is USA Today. I was drawn to the fact that it was Ingrid Michaelson's recipe. I can't help but love her.
Correction: I can't help but love her and her flourless chocolate cake.
After reading every witty quip that surrounded the recipe [oh, ingrid, you are one clever folk singer], I threw some butter and some chocolate together in a sauce pan.
Then I added sugar and egg yokes. Looks delightful, does it not?
In the end it actually looked pretty tasty. Not as tasty as the chocolate Ganache that I made for the top, however. That topping was like heaven come full circle here on earth. Like the circle of life. Like Chuck Norris performing his famous round kick to the face. It was that sweet.
Meringue quickly followed part one. I had never actually attempted to make this white fluffy stuff before, so it was a little unnerving to separate the yolks from the egg whites and know what was coming next. Peaks of white grandeur filled my mind with terror. Yet, with the Kitchen Aide on my side, we dominated those egg whites and successfully turned out some "stiff peaks".
Folding the egg whites into the chocolate was the second most trepidating experience that I experienced during this little experiment. I had heard horror stories of women that folded to hard or to long, and it ruined the cake. I was determined to not follow in their footsteps.
Because of my consternation over such a delicate operation, I don't think I folded enough. However, after popping this baby in the oven it was still magnificent. Sadly I have no documentation of the final product. You can believe me on this however, it was tasty.

I'll save the pictures of meatballs for another time. I think these pictures may be a bit overwhelming by themself. Also, see you next week! I get to go away this weekend to the Arctic*!

*The Arctic in my opinion is Massachusetts. It is cold and winter like in the entire state.

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