Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Amish Way of Life

Nothing says "I am Amish" more than pretzel dogs and donuts.

I know that may seem like a ridiculous statement, because honestly what do you think of when someone throws out the word "Amish"? Does your image involve Harrison Ford in that one movie where he pretends to be a part of the Amish community in order to hide out from some bad guys [keep in mind that i have never ever seen this particular movie. don't judge]? Does your mind's eye show buggies and candles due to lack of electricity?

Those things could be right I suppose. But really you should be seeing donuts and pretzel dogs. And if you somehow can't picture that, then you need to come visit me so I can introduce you to this needed experience. Your life isn't fulfilled yet. I promise you that I am not layering on the gravitas of this situation. It is all very true.

Marieke was not a full fledged believer before her visit to dear old Maryland. Let me tell you, she became the strongest of devotees after she witnessed and savored for herself the magic that is Amish food [kind of Amish food? i can't really believe that this is what they eat on a regular basis]. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the Amish man who made our donuts.

And here, to essentially make your mouth water, is a picture of the rich selection that the Amish offer to those looking for satisfaction in the donut area of their life.

If you ever go to the Amish Market [which I highly recommend you do. nay, i implore you to experience this wonderland of delight] please purchase a donut. Also, please purchase and soon after consume a pretzel dog. I literally dreamt about these when I lived in another land. My friends could not understand the magnitude of my daydreams. These food items are magnificent.

I am so glad that another wonderful and dear person in my life was able to experience fully the delectable meal. She has been changed forever the better.

If that face doesn't sell it, than I don't know what will. 

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