Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday - Pre-Lane Nostalgia

As I have been going through some of my older pictures, I am reminded by my epic visits to Gordon pre-Gordon education. I fell in love with the school while my sister studied and worked in its hallowed halls. She left for school at the beginning of my 11th grade year if I am remembering correctly, and I visited her at least three or four times while she was there for her two years. Almost every time I visited, Lauren would work at least once, and I would join her. The rules in our school cafeteria, Lane, were a bit more relaxed back in the day. Once I scooped icecream and made fraps for about 3 hours sans pay. It was wonderful. 

People often wondered at school why I loved Lane so much. I could work there forty hours a week and still be enamored with the crusty blue polo shirts and slick tile floor. I loved the 'fry-a-lator' and the sandwich line. I loved the pizza oven and dough press. I loved the sound that students cards made as they were swiped through the check out machine. I did not love taking out the trash. The bags were often five sizes bigger than I. I loved the chefs. I loved cutting vegetables in the morning with Katherine. I loved being scared to death by Glen when he his around corners. I loved working stir fry with Nasser as he tried to teach me how to flip the food as I cooked it in the pan [those poor students who I threw food on]. I loved having a question of the day for all the students that came through the stir fry line. I loved how close I became to the people I worked with for hours on end.

So now you know. This love for a cafeteria started young. I didn't even attend the establishment yet when the feelings started to build and grow inside me. I just can't help the connection.

I've got a double chin in the picture below... what? I totally rock it.

Some more sister pictures. I cried the day we dropped Lauren off at college. It was kind of traumatic for me.

Melissa joined me on this little Gordon trip in 2006. We stayed in Lauren't apartment. Worked at Lane. I made peanut noodles that were far to peanut buttery. Ech, I can still taste it.

I know that I have been thinking about Gordon a lot for a few reasons.

1. I am visiting that great school this weekend for a friend's birthday
2. I am coming up on a year that I've been gone [where does the time go?]
3. I have some really dear friends abroad this semester, and I miss them

I wonder if other people are as attached to their alma mater as I am.
Are you?

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  1. thank you for your positive reinforcement of lane....
    jon chubb