Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flashback Friday - The Tuesday Edition

I realize that it is indeed Tuesday. Not Friday.

However, I totally blanked this past Friday when it came to posting pictures of yesteryear. I was so caught up in what had happened the week before, that my mind didn't even gravitate towards the past. Let us not dwell on insignificant details, however. Instead let us view pictures of those near and dear to me who are much older now.

This is the little brother in 2005. That means that he was thirteen... I think. My math is horrendous. This was the summer [as referenced in my last Flashback Friday] that we lived at the pool, thus his streak of blond and unusually tanned skin.

Bryan just graduated from the community college this past December at the ripe old age of eighteen. I am so proud of him for that wonderful accomplishment. Now he is applying to four year schools so he can finish up his degree. He is quite the writer, and while I would never read anything that he writes [not totally true, but mostly true. i'm not into horror novels or psychological thrillers], he really is very talented. He weaves words together in a way that my mind will never quite grasp.

Quite the difference, eh?

This next picture is of my younger sister Meredith and my next door neighbor Meredith. We do the same name thing just to keep it confusing. My sister must have been around nine when this was taken. The other Meredith was probably eleven or twelve [wow, i really can't figure this out in my head. seriously, what is my deal?]. They both look super young because they were [simple].

Here is my little sister today [the picture is actually from August, but who's really counting]. She is going to be sixteen this year. That involves a drivers permit, 11th grade in the fall, varsity lacrosse and just looking older. I am not ready for this!

Lastly we have the beautiful and talented other Meredith. This Meredith graduates highschool in May and has applied to ivy league schools because she is incredibly bright and intelligent. She is also an incredibly talented actress and will be in 'Our Town' this spring playing one of the lead roles. I'd like to just go ahead and say that I taught her everything she knows [totally false, but i feel like i should be in the credits somewhere for her life accomplishments]. I am always impressed by this young lady and her talents.

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