Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Fridays - The Puppy Edition

I love puppies. I also love dogs. That's like saying that I love small children, but adults? Eh.

Anyways. In honor of Flashback Fridays I would like to share some pictures of my favorite dog with you. When we purchased Orly from the SPCA she was a wee little thing. She used to fall asleep at night when we watched movies in the family room. Just for fun we would pick her sleepy self up and set her four legs on the ground. For a moment she would be okay, then she would collapse. Is that cruel? More funny and super super cute than cruel [i think].

Orly was really just the cutest puppy. I can never remember what she is a mix of, but she kind of looks like a dingo. Below is a picture of a dingo. After that is a picture of Orly from last week. Resemblance? I think yes!

Except her ears flop more than a dingos.

Orly ruled the roost for about three years. She replaced my sister when she left for college [as all children should be replaced]. It was a fitting change as Orly is incredibly noble and likable, very much like my sister. We missed Lauren, but it was a good trade [let's be honest, it was fantastic]. We all wanted a dog growing up, and our first [save for Chico who was a crazed maniac and who promptly returned to the SPCA after two days] was wonderful. She was everything dog is supposed to be. Loyal yet wild. Cute yet regal. Fiesty yet calm. Like I said, everything a dog should be.

Then my dad picked out this dog to replace me when I went to college.


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