Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Fridays - The Community College Edition

My observations over the years from not only those I see on facebook, but in the real world as well [i have to have one credible source], has lead me to this conclusion: Highschool was about looking good and having semi-normal friends that partied with you. I'll admit right off the bat that neither of these fit my description of highschool as I had been literally trapped in my home until then. Until I was fourteen my mother shoved books at me while I wept in the corner daily. Yes, I was homeschooled. To change my upbringing in highschool seemed unthinkable, so my parents sent me to a tutorial for homeschoolers where we all sat around staring at our shoes because social skills was not a gift that had been bestowed upon us or nurtured. To complete the social awkwardness coffin my parents had prepared for me, I was sent to the local community college at the ripe old age of sixteen. Now I was by far the youngest student in any of my classes and blushed violently when my acting teacher said anything about sex. I actually wore a Red Delicious apple color on my face when anyone said anything about physical contact. 'What do you mean they kissed each other on the lips?' Twitch. [interestingly enough, this has never gone away] Aside from my near to non-existant social graces in class, I at least had my normal circle of friends who 'kept it real'. Right?

You decide.

Let me preface these pictures by explaining that it was not in fact Halloween. It was a normal school day at the Community College.

I laugh at these pictures now because we did actually have our heads on straight. And all of these people are friends I wish you had, because they are great. The one with the pink hair? I had margaritas with her this week, and we actually communicated on a normal social level while recieving only smiles from those around us. There was no mocking and laughing that I was aware of. These pictures just must have been from 'Wig Day' at the school. That must be the answer. It has to be.

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