Saturday, March 12, 2011

Battle of the Bakers

One winters eve [it's not officially spring yet] my family gathered around the dinner table to partake in some delicious chicken. It was tasty. However, that is not the end of my tale this evening. After a succulent meal was devoured we were called upon to witness a foodie battle between my brother Bryan and my friend Lauren. The challenge? Who makes the best Cinnamon Rolls?

A little bio on each will help with the readers discernment of the situation:

Full Name: Lauren ***** [like i'd list that on a blog]
Qualifications: A degree in pastry chef-ness from Johnson and Wales. She now
works at a prolific bakery in Georgetown as the assistant pastry chef.
Hobbies: She likes to read and craft and drink coffee. Basically your essential artsy hipster.
History: She made a cake once for me and once for my mom.

Full Name: Bryan ******
Qualifications: Top baker at Great Harvest Bread Bakery. He works the
ovens and makes scones [and various other tasty treats].
Hobbies: I think he plays video games all the time. He also writes excellently.
History: He has made us cinnamon rolls before, and they were freaking amazing.

Before we tasted the contestants offerings, Bryan worked on his cinnamon rolls. Thus we were offered a time of light chatting and socializing before the big moment.

Those moments in which Bryan continued to bake were some of the longest minutes that I have ever experienced in my life [except for that movie the notebook. blech. too long]. I knew that glorious sweet bread and cinnamon rolled into one and topped with cream cheese frosting were headed my way. But I still had to wait. Bryan included a beautifully braided creation into the mix as well. He had extra dough left over, so this was whipped up in a matter of minutes.

Finally the moment of truth arrived.

The happiness that abounded over the baked delights was enough to make the sourest of people tear up. Indeed, not only were cinnamon rolls consumed, but the question of whether they were cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns arose to the consternation of many. I personally just wanted to shove these pastries down my throat. It didn't matter what they were called. The Battle of the Bakers was a success.

No one left with any wounds [physical or emotional... i think], and everyones stomaches thanked them for the treats. Well, at first our stomaches thanked us. After a while I did feel like I was pregnant with twins I ate so much. At least I was eating for three!

It was a joke.

Camaraderie reigned supreme in the household that evening as Bryan extended the sweet loaf of friendship [similar to the Olive Leaf but about twenty-seven times better].

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